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Supply and Trading

Supply and Trading

Saif S.p.A., thanks to to lasting and fruitful relationship with main international oil and mining companies, trades petroleum coke , coal and anthracite worldwide.

At the same time, Saif continuously works to develop new products and new sources.

Thanks to the its customers in cement, iron and steel industries, Saif has also developed a trading activity in clinker, cement and slag.

As a further development, the SAIF group, through its firm ENVIRO S.r.l., entered in 2005 in the biomass market and became the market leader in the supply of PKS (Palm Kernell Shell) through subsidiary companies in Indonesia and Ghana. Besides, Enviro trades pellet, wood splinters, refuse-derived fuel and other biomasses throughout the Mediterranean Sea by means of its own supply chain, and thanks to its relationships with the main producers of said goods. In addition to the commodities currently deaded, ENVIRO is continuously looking for new biomasses and alternative fuels to offer to its customers.