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Saif Enerji K. S. ve T.

Saif Enerji Kaynaklari S. ve T.

Saif Enerji Kaynaklari Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. was founded in January 2008 in the heart of Istanbul, Turkey. Not only did this represent an opportunity to strengthen the already strong links with the country in the cement sector (by marketing solid fuels, clinker and other by-products), it was also a chance to open the country up to the new develpments.
Saif Enerji Kaynaklari has been the first company in Turkey to build a facility for the production of alternative fuel derived from agricoltural waste. The plant was realised at an industrial estate in Tarsus, a city halfway between the ports of Adana and Mersion on the south coast of Turkey.